Monday, October 24, 2011

Met Auditions

Well, there is no shortage of aspiring singers out there, and I find that exciting. Yes, it's even tougher going after a career than ever with a lot of shrinking of seasons, less companies, etc., but all of that cannot kill one's desire to express the deepest of human emotions through singing.
On Saturday, I sat in at the District Met Auditions here in Wisconsin, hearing thirty nine aspiring singers (I will be judging later this season in Detroit and Lincoln, Nebraska). A real pleasure of hearing these auditions is that I get to choose three artists for a Florentine Opera Recital later this season, and also a singer to do a principal role with us in a coming season. This season, our Elder McLean in Susannah came about through this process.
There was some fine singing on Saturday, and some really good things happening across all voice categories - (oddly, there weren't a lot of mezzos).
Some things that stuck out that singers still need to think about were repertoire (choosing appropriate rep, and being consistent with what you choose) and wardrobe (dressing in a way that is appropriate for you, and in a way that keeps people focused on what you are there for - to put across a character and situation through your vocal and physical performance).

As I said, I get the same thrill now hearing singers performing as I did back in high school at solo and ensemble never gets old!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In the the clutches of Turandot!

I have not posted for a bit, but we are in the lift off phase of rehearsals for Turandot which opens November 4. What an incredible cast! headed by the amazing Lise Lindstrom in the title role and the wonderful Italian tenor Renzo Zulian as Calaf. Apropos to this blog, one of our principals I hired through an audition, so it does in fact happen!
If you are in traveling distance to Milwaukee, this is worth experiencing!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Head shots!!

When I was in school, getting new head shots was something of an ordeal - not only getting the photos, but also getting multiple copies at a reasonable price.
(By the way, I used to hate it when professors, or people like me would say, "when I was a student...." and here I am doing it!!)

In any case, even though this is a much easier procedure these days, I am amazed how many bad, or to put it more correctly, inaccurate head shots there are out there, even with managed artists.

While a good head shot won't get you hired, a bad one might keep you from getting an audition.

I don't think it's a risk worth taking.