Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Go with your favorite

After hearing some auditions recently, where I was not adjudicating, I had singer lamenting to me that they didn't get the opportunity to sing their favorite aria (since the judges didn't ask for that one).
My question to the singer was - why didn't you offer that one???
The simple point here is that always assume that "they" might not ask for your favorite tune.  The way around this is to OFFER it. 
I have said this before in different ways, but never, ever leave your best stuff on the table - assume you'll get one shot, and give them your personal desert island aria.  Don't worry about what you think they might want to hear, or what they might be casting, etc.....
Your best chance to win a competition or to get hired is to sing what you do best!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

In Memoriam.....

All of us who are on this journey of being professional singers, have had people in their lives that have inspired them and led them on their way.
This past week I lost the person who was my first inspiration, and my high school choral director.
Sam Shie, who was also my first voice teacher, passed away last Monday.  I was lucky enough to be able to drive to Ohio for his memorial service and visitation.
I feel very lucky to have had this man start me out in my career all the way back in high school, and I'm happy to say we never lost contact, and I was proud to call him friend over all these years.
I share this to say that if you have past mentors or teachers, and have been meaning to give them a call or drop them an e-mail to tell them again how much they have meant to you - do it!
None of us knows when this journey will end, and thanking those who have made it a worthwhile trip is an idea to not put off.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a restful holiday, and are ready to jump back into the fray!!
I wanted to let you know that applications for the 21013-14 Florentine Opera Studio are now available at YAP Tracker.
Looking forward to sharing some more ideas about auditioning this year!!