Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays!

While for many people, this time of year is about relaxing with family and reflecting, I know that for many singers it is audition season, and multiple solo singing jobs.  With all of the anxiety and stress that this can bring, allow yourself time to reflect upon what the past year has brought you.

Your year will have undoubtedly brought accomplishment.

it might have been something as obvious as securing a manager, landing a big contract, winning a competition, being accepted into a grad program or training program OR it might be something more subtle like finally nailing down a tricky aria that now feels ready for audition, tackled Russian successfully so your range of audition pieces is expanded, found just the right teacher or coach, etc...

Whatever the accomplishment this year, allow that to be a counterbalance to the stress of auditoning, singing Messiah when you have a cold, or any of the other stressors singers have!

I hope that the new year will arrive finding you refreshed to jump back into this wonderful thing we call singing!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Take Time to see what is really happening!

I should have probably put the word really in bold italics.
When it comes to how we really come off to an audience both visually and vocally, there can can be a wide gap between our perception as performers and the perception of the audience.
This is of course important in performance, but equally as important in auditions, when how you sell your piece or pieces can play a big part in determining whether or not you are hired!

So....and I have said this before, use every means at your disposal to make sure you are putting across what you want to put across.....

Colleagues, teachers, coaches, mirror, video recordings - all are good ways to find out if that is happening!