Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer stuff

A lot of things coming up!
This Thursday, I will visit the Steans Institute program at the Ravinia Festival and hear their young artists in audition, and then next week, I will hear four operas at the Santa Fe Opera, along with twenty five of our donors.

It has been a real pleasure hearing so many young singers this summer, and no matter what happens in the world, people with a desire to share to share with the world through the arts does will do so.

Over the past five years, whether one is talking about an arts organization or an individual, it has become even more important to think of news to thrive.  I know that it is already a difficult path if you are a singer, but finding ways to market yourself is now imperative.  This is an audition blog, but in reality, what constitutes "auditioning" has expanded and enlarged, and those people (and organizations) who are thriving, are the ones that have developed ways to make challenging circumstances work in their favor.

I will expand on this as we head into "audition season", but in the meantime, enjoy what's left of summer - and plan!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Back from Brazil

It has been quite a summer of hearing young singers - I just returned from the Inaugural season of the Festival of International Opera of the Americas, where I directed The Tales of Hoffman with two casts of young singers.  It was great to work with young talent who are eager to grow vocally and dramatically.  Certainly producing that opera in two weeks with two casts is challenging, but we got it up and running and they have three more performances.
Even with all the challenges - particularly having multiple assignments in different shows, the singers really came through.....
More observations to come!!