Friday, October 25, 2013

Titles please!!

Having heard a number of auditions over the past couple of weeks, I am reminded of a very under rehearsed part of the audition - saying the name of your piece, pronounced correctly, and the correct name of the composer.  I have heard some real problems with this, and while you might not think that this could play a big part in the outcome of an audition, but it could.  If every part of an audition is roughly equal, it could possibly tip the balance.......why take a chance - be prepared.

An while on that subject - know the name of the character singing the aria!  I will, and some other judges will ask for piece by saying something like  "let's hear the Posa" (Don Carlo).  I have seen more than a few blank stares when I or another judge ask for a piece in that manner.

So, prepare every part of your audition - you never know what will be the difference maker!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I have been a bit lax!

I have not been good about posting.....

A few reasons......we got our season kicked off with our new class of Studio Artists, and there have been a number of exciting events coinciding with their arrival!

First, our brand new Kate and Don Wilson Casa di Opera, which is adjacent to our offices and Opera Center.  this wonderful new residence is the final piece in our opera "campus".

We had a housewarming concert and shower, which was quite exciting.

We also participated in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's "Fall into the Arts" concert, where our Studio Artists sang the Brindisi from La Traviata (the opera that will open our 80th Anniversary season!)

In addition to performing as part of the Milwaukee Film Festival, which has screened the film Becoming Traviata (highly recommended), they sang at our Annual Meeting, and just this past weekend were the centerpiece for our Season Sampler!!

It has been great welcoming Julie Tabash, Erin Gonzalez, Aaron Short and Pablo Siqueiros to the's gonna be a fun year!

I am off to judge the District Met Auditions in Chicago this weekend, so that should produce some thoughts on the Fall audition season!