Friday, February 18, 2011

Follow up to your audition

I start this by saying that I know there are a number of different forms of feedback that general/artistic directors like and don't like.

I will also emphasize that good follow up doesn't guarantee a job, or make up for a bad audition.

However.....thoughtfulness is always noted, and I interpret it as a harbinger of good collegiality, punctuality, and preparedness. do you demonstrate thoughtfulness after an audition?

A note thanking your auditioner(s) for hearing you makes a positive impression.

While you certainly can do this by e-mail, I am of the opinion that a hand written note sent the old fashioned way will help cement a positive impression (assuming you have made that with your audition)

Why mail over e-mail?

It shows more thought and creativity - an e-mail can be whipped off quickly, and certainly is not a negative, but it can also be perceived as intrusive and pushy (I don't interpret it that way, but I know some people do).

A hand written note shows decorum, thought, creativity (your actual handwriting!!!), and professionalism.

I would be interested in hearing any one's experience with feedback......


  1. Hmm...This is interesting to me, as the advice that I've been given over and over again is to send an email thank you. I've never heard that people find that pushy, so to see you write that gives me some significant pause.

    I'm glad to know that you like a written thank you note. I'll file that away for future reference.

  2. Obviously a handwritten note is nicer. But I have never gotten a letter or note in return. On the other hand I have gotten emails back when following up with an email. I have never been told that emails are obtrusive (although I guess some people see them that way, but I can see how a phone call would be annoying (since the chances of catching an artistic director in a free moment is rather slim).