Monday, August 22, 2011

Watch this!!

OK, be honest in answering this question.....Do you know how you look when you audition??
I know, by this time many of you have had to make an audition dvd, which you probably stole a glance at, winced, and sent out. Or, you've seen video of a live recital or operatic performance. But...have you used these clips as tools to improve??
Recording one's voice for study purposes is common, and I daresay most of use that resource on a regular basis (though, back in the good old days of cassette recorders, it may have been a little more common than with the digital recorders of today). Nevertheless, critiquing one's sound is fairly standard practice.
But, how often do you use a mirror to see if you are really selling your pieces (there's a lot to be learned on the technical end of things with a mirror as well). Also, with flip video and all manner of digital video recording devices, video recording yourself as part of your audition preparation is something that you should consider doing.
I think we all have experienced that moment watching ourselves when we say "I do that when I sing that aria??"
As I have mentioned many times, the one thing that seems to be left to chance or inspiration in auditions, is the physicality, the staging, etc........
In a world where there can be a paper thin margin between voices being considered, you owe it to yourself to use every tool in your toolbox to make your sure you have the very best shot at that job.

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  1. Great post, so true! Besides for sharing my experience with others on my blog, one of the primary purposes of my video recordings is so that I can see what I'm doing. Back in my heavy metal singing days, I used to perform in front of a mirror regularly and it made a huge difference to stage presence. If I don't like what I look like, why would anyone else?