Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Mental Game

I am just getting back to this after the holiday weekend. It's hard to believe the Fall season is here, and with it, new ideas and opportunities.
I want to take some time over the next several posts to delve in to the mental aspect of auditioning.
In my mind, the mental aspects of auditioning, break down into the following components (I have been pondering this since I have been rereading A Soprano on her head, the book I referenced in an earlier post):

A. The preparation of the audition - (those aspects outside of technique, languages, memorization, etc.) - in other words, getting yourself to the best state of mind for your audition or auditions.

B. The audition itself - how do you achieve the most focused mental state that will allow you to show your best stuff.

C. The "aftermath" - how do you deal with those feelings that occur, both good and bad, after an audition, and how do use this to build an even stronger platform for the next audition and the performances that may follow.

I will deal with each of these in separate posts, but feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts on this.

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  1. The aftermath...I'll have some comments on that one. It's been almost a year since I've auditioned. That one really put me through the ringer. It wasn't the audition it's self, it was the opportunity they gave the singers to listen to the judges critique. One one judge had class. The other two were terrible with their words. I was a bit traumatized from it to say the least, which is why I have not auditioned since. I look forward to these mental game posts.