Monday, November 7, 2011

Comment on Earlier Post

I am just getting back here after Turandot wrapping up this past weekend - we had a great capacity run, and it was exhilarating! I have a couple days here, then I am off to Opera America for the New Works Forum in New York.
In the meantime, a question was asked from my earlier post - to expand upon proper attire for auditions, etc....
I won't spend time here on recital attire, which is really a different issue. Instead, I will comment on competition and recital attire.
This is an evolving topic too. When I was auditioning, you rarely saw a male singer not in a coat and tie. Today, I would say that the majority of male auditioners do not wear a tie. Now, this is for general and young artist auditions. At competitions, I still see coat and tie quite a bit. Again, for ladies, things have changed over the years. It seems you used to see a lot of what I would call evening wear for women, which now has become decidedly more eclectic and individual - again, though, competitions, still tend to be a bit more formal.
What I would say as a bottom line statement is this - whatever you wear should fit two criteria:

1. It shows respect for the occasion, the material, the people you are auditioning for, and of course, yourself.

2. Your attire (and this includes hair, eye wear, shoes, as well as clothes) should not distract the auditioner's attention from your audition. We as auditioners, should focus on your vocal, musical, and histrionic skills, and your attire should be a neutral, positive accompaniment to that.

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