Thursday, January 19, 2012

Show them what you are, not what you aren't

One of the really great things about hearing the Met auditions in various locales and circumstances, is getting to chat with singers after the auditions. This allows me to verbalize some things that sometimes float around in my head, but don't get "spit out" verbally.
One such conversation took place recently with a talented young soprano. We were talking about repertoire, etc. and she asked some very good questions. During this discussion, we talked about the fact that too many singers show who they are not during an audition, as opposed to who they are. For instance, if you are a lyric mezzo who does not yet have Non piu mesta where you want it, don't sing it (I cannot tell how many times I have experienced this!) Instead, do arias that show your strengths as they now are. If that is Cherubino or Stephano, that is fine!
One of things singers need to remember is that one of the things that will win you points with the people for whom you audition, is having a sense of who you are and where you are as a singer.
I will expand upon this as we go along, but it's a good thing to remember.

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