Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So, before you do an audition......

make sure that everything you do on stage, is something you intend to do.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently sat in on some auditions, and made note of the following things, that I'm sure the singer involved, did NOT intend to do.

  • very frenetic movement, seemingly unrelated to the dramatic content of the aria
  • While it is good to have personality when addressing the judges, don't overdo it to the point of parody or caricature - you risk being remembered more for that than your performance
  • don't walk out of your light when performing - take stock of the lighting on the stage, and stay within its confines - it does you no good, if we lose contact with your face and body
  • unconsciously pulling on your clothing is distracting, whether it be skirt, jacket or shirt - this happens a lot, and will cause your listener/judge/potential hirer to focus on that instead of your performance
  • awkward bows - make sure to learn how to bow in a comfortable, professional manner
  • arm movements that get "stuck" - if you are going to make a gesture, know how to transition to your next position
  • too much fist clenching - this is one of the most obvious signs of nerves that show up onstage - work on this ahead of time, so that that you don't have to try to deal with it when you are nervous
One other thing I think is worth mentioning - the use of props in an audition.  I personally don't mind them, but I have colleagues who do not like it, so be aware that you are taking a bit of a risk by using them.  A good compromise is "miming" the prop - doing all of the same gestures with an empty hand or hands.  


  1. Fantastic advice!
    I (hopefully) stay aware of the majority of that, but I've never consciously thought about lighting whilst onstage. Definitely something to think about in the future!

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