Friday, October 25, 2013

Titles please!!

Having heard a number of auditions over the past couple of weeks, I am reminded of a very under rehearsed part of the audition - saying the name of your piece, pronounced correctly, and the correct name of the composer.  I have heard some real problems with this, and while you might not think that this could play a big part in the outcome of an audition, but it could.  If every part of an audition is roughly equal, it could possibly tip the balance.......why take a chance - be prepared.

An while on that subject - know the name of the character singing the aria!  I will, and some other judges will ask for piece by saying something like  "let's hear the Posa" (Don Carlo).  I have seen more than a few blank stares when I or another judge ask for a piece in that manner.

So, prepare every part of your audition - you never know what will be the difference maker!

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