Monday, November 23, 2009

Looking back on the fall audition season

Well, it has been a busy season of auditions and masterclasses so far, and having just finished up our production of Tosca, it's good to take a bit of a break. I have to say I have heard some wonderful singing this fall - no, let me rephrase that - some wonderful performances. What has been particularly exciting is hearing some singers who have grown, not just in their vocalism, but also their presentations.
I truly believe that integrating your physicality and connection with character will add more vibrancy and energy to the sound you make.
As I have mentioned before, the auditions I find most engaging, be it competition, masterclass, or general audition, are those that make me feel that I am encountering a character, not just hearing a vocal performance.

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  1. You make a fine observation. Agreed: connectedness of the whole body during singing brings a whole range of harmonics that would not be present singing "from the neck up". Coccyx to crown (and everything in between) makes for a sincere, powerful and real-life sound. The performing arts in general needs to encourage this connectedness in all singers and all performers :-)