Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More about "How much should I do?"

This is my Fall for hearing a lot of auditions. I've just finished my third set of Met Auditions (the Chicago Regionals), and next week I hear the Minnesota Districts, and also do a Masterclass the day after, so I'm looking forward to that. One of the continuing themes I encounter seems to be about how much movement is appropriate in a given audition. I've been asked this particularly regarding competitions vs. main stage or young artist auditions.
There are, of course, varying opinions, but I continue to believe that over the course of a number of auditions of varying types, your best bet is to perform your repertoire in a way that best gives any auditioner the most complete snapshot of who you are as a performer. In other words, don't change who you are to suit a particular audition. Does this mean that you may displease a particular panel because of your dramatic intensity and physicality? Perhaps. But, again, over the course of many auditions, if you constantly try to figure "us" out(meaning the people who hire or give prizes), and change your approach to fit that situation, the more you run the risk of losing sight of who you are as a performer. And being who you are (assuming you have the talent, technique, etc.) when you audition, allows you the best chance to succeed.

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