Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to make the connection?

This is a topic I'm still formulating, so I will just put it out there right now, and then expand upon it as we move forward.

Here it is: How do you concretely make the connection between your studio lessons/coaching/practice and the actual audition?

Do you:

A. Hope that it happens "organically" - in other words - practice, take lessons, coaching, etc. and then go into the audition, and hope that it translates into the audition you want?


B. Do you take what you have gathered from the preliminary activities, and in fact, "dress rehearse" your audition? - and by this, I don't mean just the singing part, but also the walking into the room, staging, testing how you will introduce yourself, etc.....

I will be curious to hear what some of you are doing.....

1 comment:

  1. Call the opera company and get a coaching with the staff coach, artistic director, and/or general director a few weeks before the audition. Tacky and cynical, but it makes a difference because they remember you. Unless you are not good company, then they will remember you poorly! :)