Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taking inventory

You may be right now doing one of the following things:

a: taking part in a summer vocal program/apprenticeship

b: getting ready to start an undergraduate/graduate/performer diploma program

c: taking lessons or coaching and contemplating what comes next

d: some combination of the above

While you are taking part in any of the above activities, I would suggest taking an inventory of all parts of that which will make up your "audition arsenal".

Some suggestions to consider:

a: head shot - is it up to date? enough copies?

b: music in your audition folder - marked correctly for accompanists? any worn pages need to be replaced?

c: wardrobe - do you have appropriate outfits ready for auditions that will be coming up this fall?

d: list of contacts - this is connected to my last post - do you have a plan and the contact information you will need for upcoming auditions?

e: is newer repertoire on the way to being ready in all phases? - technique, memorization, language, translation, and dramatic presentation (try finding a time to try out new rep on a small group of friends or family - this will help get it ready)

This is just a short list - you may have other ideas about an audition inventory that you would like to add here - please do!!

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