Friday, October 15, 2010

Question about Apprentince Auditions

I got this question just the other day - "What do you think I should sing for Company X - what do you think they want to hear?"
I have said this before, but it bears repeating - Unless an audition or competition asks for specific repertoire, sing what you best! In a world where you can't control how people perceive you, the odds will most definitely improve for you, if you sing repertoire that you sing best and most comfortably. In addition to sounding your best, you will probably be more relaxed and sell your piece better.
Sing within your comfort zone, and let the person hearing you make the jump in his or her mind about where you can be stretched.

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  1. Just one thought on this. I recently had a coaching with a singer who was auditioning for Ohio Light Opera. The pre-audition requirements included a CD with two contrasting selections. She chose two of her arias that she thought were her best. I can't remember which they were now (I think the Fire Aria, and Vedrai Carino). She also lamented that she had sent pre-audition materials to this company in the past and was never granted an audition. I asked if she knew anything about the company, and I'm afraid she really didn't. Looking at past seasons, it was clear that this company not only specializes in, but really only does operetta (G&S, Herbert, Lehar, etc). We quickly added Poor Wand'ring One to her recording. Sometimes impresarios can't think outside the box, and it's good to present songs that reflect what rep they do, providing they are songs that fit and compliment your voice. It never hurts to do a little research. In this case, she has a better chance of getting the audition if she shows that she excels in the kind of rep the company does. Of course, to reiterate what Bill has said above, don't cram a piece on your rep list if it is not in your fach or if it doesn't show you off at your best.