Thursday, November 4, 2010

Erie Mills

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to have Erie Mills, renowned soprano, and now renowned master teacher, with us for a masterclass with our Studio Artists. She had wonderful insights on so many aspects of singing and presentation, and she was able to walk the thin line of focusing on the singers, while also engaging the audience. Her energy, insight, and enthusiasm was infectious. Often in masterclasses, you get either one or the other!
What was really great was to have some high school singers, who are just starting out, there to hear Ms. Mills' insights. Gosh, I wish I had had an opportunity like that when I was starting out!

If you get an opportunity to either work with Erie, or hear one of her masterclasses, do not miss it!

1 comment:

  1. I met Ms. Mills when I was working on my Masters Degree and have always admired the way she sings American art song -- she was presenting John Downey's music when I met her. She has a beautiful instrument, a lovely sensitivity for text painting, and a bright, cheery disposition. So glad to hear you brought her in to work with the Studio Artists!
    :) Katy Pracht