Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make sure you pack the right things for the trip......

I often think back to when I was doing auditions, and try to recall what I was thinking about during those auditions. And in a related way, what should I have been thinking about?
When I really break it down, and if I'm honest with myself, my brain was crowded with a bunch of not particularly helpful stuff, which didn't leave much room for what I should have been thinking about!
So, here's a partial list of what I remember thinking about (in no particular order):

1. Am I going to hit the high notes in this piece?
2. Am I going to hit the low notes in this piece?
3. Am I going to forget the words?
4. Are they going to criticize my pronunciation of foreign languages?
5. Will they ask for a second piece?
6. Are my clothes alright?
7. Am I going to feel lousy after this audition?
8. Are there singers outside the room criticizing my singing?

As you can see, there is not a worthwhile thought to be had above.

Now, what should I have been thinking about?
1. I am this character.
2. I am living these words.
3. I am filled with joy and confidence at being able to express myself like this
4. I am focused on communicating with my audience (after all, auditioners are just another type of audience).
5. I am feeling the connection of my breath to my body.

I only occasionally lived in the second list (mostly in performances, not auditions or competitions). I wish I had spent more time that way, because it obviously creates a better chance for success. If you've truly prepared, there is no reason to waste brain cells on things that are either irrelevant or out of your control. The other thing you will note (and this is very important), the first list is all questions, the second list is all statements.

So, what's in your brain during an audition? I'd love to hear.......

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