Thursday, June 30, 2011

Resume info

When I see resumes at auditions, there tends to be a wide range of information provided. I will say up front that what I might like to see (or not see) on a resume, may vary from what my colleagues like, so please take that into account.....

Some random things I prefer.

1. Most recent events first
2. Please list where and when you performed the role.
3. Make sure that your listed covers, were official covers with the company, not personal study covers (I've seen this on numerous occasions).
4. Be reasonable about how far back you go. The more you've done, the less far back you will go, unless it's a very important gig that you want your auditioners to see.
5. List teachers, coaches, and institutions where you have studied.
6. List important concert work and competition wins or places.
7. Height and hair color are fine
8. A recent photo that is reasonably close to what I see when I hear you.

Some random things I don't:

1. Listing roles "in preparation".
2. Listing college roles, unless you are at the Young Artist stage in your career (or, if that's all you've done).
3. Listing semi-finalist finishes. Really, I think you should only list placing, but certainly nothing less impressive than finalist.
4. Photos that look nothing like you do now.
5. Listing chorus work (unless you're auditioning for a chorus).
6. Listing your age and weight - if you look 30 why tell me you're 50, when that may affect how I think about you? Also, if you carry weight really well, there is no sense in letting me know that you're 40 punds heavier than that - when I go back and look at your resume, that will affect how I remember you.
In today's world, the ease of word processing, etc. should make it easy for you to customize resumes for concert work, chorus work, academic positions, etc.

My list above really refers to auditioning as a solo opera singer.


  1. This blog is very interesting and helpful, I'm glad I found it! But I'm curious about a couple of things - if you were a featured/solo member of the chorus, should that be noted or left off? and why do you suggest leaving off "in preparation" roles? i've always been told it is important to put them on. i understand it's subjective, but i can't help but wonder! i look forward to your response and future posts!