Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A response:

I had this query to my recent post:

This blog is very interesting and helpful, I'm glad I found it! But I'm curious about a couple of things - if you were a featured/solo member of the chorus, should that be noted or left off? and why do you suggest leaving off "in preparation" roles? i've always been told it is important to put them on. i understand it's subjective, but i can't help but wonder! i look forward to your response and future posts!

To the first question: Your hunch here is correct in my opinion - being a featured/solo member of the chorus should most certainly be listed.
To the second question: I admit this is only my opinion - I've never understood the importance of listing roles worked on, and here's why: At most, they show you are working on appropriate stuff. But, if I want you for a role, the fact that you have or have not studied it will play no part in my deliberation - if I want you for it, and I hire you, I'm assuming you'll learn it. If I don't want you for it, the fact that you're studying it, won't change my mind.
On balance, it hurts nothing to put this down, as long as it is not at the expense of listing more important things!
Thanks for the question.

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