Monday, April 2, 2012

Singer Training Workshop

The Florentine co-hosted a Singer Training Workshop on Saturday with Opera America at our Opera Center, and it was a fascinating, rewarding day. We had singers attend from high school through young artist program level, and we had panelists who run opera companies, are coaches, and an Artist Manager as well.
What is fascinating is that as all of us suspect, there are a variety of opinions about what is the right or wrong way to do something within the context of an audition.
I also had certain things reinforced that you as a singer cannot go wrong with:

1. Be prepared

2. Have your music easily prepared for the pianist

3. Have your resume and photo accurate, clear, and up to date.

4. Be friendly, professional, and courteous in the audition.

I want to thank Jose Rincon from Opera America, and Lisa Hanson, the Florentine Opera's Artistic Administrator for making the day a success!

5. Be a good colleague at all times - the business is small, and negative news travels even quicker than good news!

6. Don't underestimate the importance of creating an active network that will help both your professional and personal life.

7. Use your own barometer to gauge what constitutes success. This will keep you sane, and make the journey more fun!

There are more here that I am probably leaving out, but following these seven things will always hold you in good stead regardless of the unique viewpoint of anyone you sing for.

I want to thank Jose Rincon from Opera America and The Florentine Opera's Artistic Administrator, Lisa Hanson for playing such a large part in making the day a success.

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