Thursday, March 28, 2013


We've just had our Studio Artist Auditions this week, and it was great to hear some very promising young artists again.
If I was going to pick out a couple of things that people might want to think about (and these are not new points), they would be:

1.  Having a resume that completely and clearly lays out what you have done.  I saw examples of not enough being listed, and too much being listed that didn't really mean very much.  Always keep in mind that you want to impress someone with your resume, even if they are only taking a cursory look.  If you can imagine someone taking a fifteen second look at your resume, that might give you some clarity in putting your resume together.

2.  Headshots.  Make sure your headshot looks like you do now, so that whoever you are auditioning for, will have a good visual reference to remember you by!

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