Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ask yourself this question....

When you are in the midst of auditioning, do you feel like you are in a performance or in some hybrid situation that isn't really the same as being on stage in an opera, concert or recital?

I think many of us feel the latter.

When I think back to my most successful auditions that I sang (and alas, there were not enough!!), they were the ones that felt the closest to a stage performance. Perhaps you have had that same experience.

The question of course, is how to capture that feeling so that you can unleash it in every audition and competition.

I will try to lay out some ideas over the next several days, and I would love to hear any ideas that some of you may have come up with in this regard.

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  1. I'm a singer from NY and am enjoying your blog. Thank you for all of the thoughts and ideas that you are posting. Of course all singers (the human race really) go through ups and downs in regards to this business. I think (operative word), that I have finally realized that every time I sing, it's a me usually but perhaps sometimes to others. It doesn't matter if we move one or one hundred when we sing (or even just ourselves). I try and think about that fact all that we hear and see has the potential to enlarge our hearts and minds. Sometimes it helps....sometimes it doesn't. Just a few thoughts......
    I am blogging about the dangers of mommyhood and opera singing simultaneously!