Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A busy January

It has been a busy January of hearing auditions in a variety of circumstances:
Auditions for my own company in New York City (40)
District Met Auditions in Buffalo (56)
Shreveport Opera Singer of the Year Competition (36)

It is one of the real pleasures of my job to hear young singers, and I heard some wonderful voices this month.

Hearing these auditions has produced a lot of food for thought, but before I post any of those thoughts, I just want to say that I am reminded each time I hear an audition, how much perseverance and drive it takes to pursue this career! But if previous generations hadn't produced young artists who went after their dream, we wouldn't have the Pavarottis, Sills, Merrills, Flemings, and others.

It is heartening to know that it is still happening.

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