Monday, July 27, 2009


One of the questions/complaints I get from singers with whom I meet is about feedback from ADs/GDs. I know from conversations that I have had with colleagues that there is a wide range of attitudes about feedback. Some feel, with some justification, that the sheer volume of answering feedback questions, even with today's e-mail is very daunting. Therefore, the most equitable way to approach it is to not do it all. I think this is certainly fair, and I understand that. I have usually said that I will give feedback, and I try to do it in an expeditious manner. But there are times when it feels daunting, based on sheer volume.

If you do request feedback, be very clear about what points you are asking about, such as:
  • What was the general impact you made in the audition
  • What vocal work do you still have to do
  • Did the rep you sang seem well suited to you
  • What should you work on?
  • Next steps - i.e. another audition for this person in the future, etc.
Your goal with feedback should be to give you further tools for your next audition - either for the same company, or another one.
You need to go into feedback with a strong sense of self - otherwise, you will find yourself turning somersaults every time you get a suggestion that varies from a previous idea. This is the difficult part - taking what is useful, while maintaining your core.
There will certainly be more about this as we go along.

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