Wednesday, July 22, 2009

staging continues...

Mr. Johns' comments pick up on something I was going to say, and that is that you will probably run into a wide variety of viewpoints on how much movement should go into an audition. In hearing auditions, I have even had people ask me if they can use props! I am of the opinion that staging a scene before the audition is an excellent way to prepare. I say this because I always felt more comfortable with the audition arias I did that came from operas I had already performed onstage. And now, I can often tell the difference between an aria that is presented by a singer from an opera they have done and one they have not. This does not mean that I am seeing a completely blocked aria - it means I am seeing a whole body awareness of the character who is singing it. So, along with meticulously preparing your arias vocally with your teacher, and musically and linguistically with your coach, take the time to prepare them dramatically with either a dramatic coach or director you trust. Then, when you are in the audition, you will be left with a comfort level with your body that will allow you to sing your best, and not cause you to do meaningless gestures that feel and look awkward. By having this level of body awareness, dramatic focus, and relaxation, I think it is safe to assume that you will be able to please those people who want to see dramatic presentations, as well as those who want a fairly static presentation. The added benefit of course is that the relaxation you will feel in your body will undoubtedly allow you to sing better!

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