Thursday, April 8, 2010

The conundrum

Here is a reader's note copied:
I'm one of "those": I started seriously studying voice when I was 26, after many years of studying piano and completing an undergraduate degree in music performance. I certainly do not look my age: most people would give me 25 or 26 instead of my 32. Yet, I'm a bit stuck; I'm too old for YAPs and most competitions (and frankly, I don't feel like the competition-type... and most of them do not cater to my musical tastes and abilities), but I have limited operatic experience. I've been wondering a lot these days about the best course of action for someone in my situation; I look forward to your comments.

My answer (the beginning of an answer, anyway): First, I don't think 32 is necessarily too old. Before saying too much more, I would ask: Do you have any pre-existing professional relationships with conductors, directors, or opera companies that can serve as some sort of entree for you? If you do, that is an important avenue to exploit (indeed it is for all level of singer). If you don't, that requires a different type of action. Let me know, and I will expand this post!

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  1. Yes I do, in Canada. But I moved to Paris a few months ago, and although I've improved technically through lessons and coachings, made a contacts and auditioned for a few directors, I haven't make significant professional steps. I've ruled out the YAP's, and have accepted that I might have to gain my experience through professional gigs, which is fine, but how do I get there? I have tried to contact ensembles and directors and proposed to sing for them, but haven't had many responses. Maybe I should be more persistent. But might there be another way? I should mention that I have a strong interest in contemporary and baroque music, although I don't restrict myself to these styles. I'm not interested in the Germany fest circuit; I really think Paris is exciting, and it's where I want to be right now. Your response will be helpful to many, as I've encountered many "expat" singers in my situation, here in Paris.