Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Responses

Mr. Johns has requested a compilation of Milwaukee area voice teachers - I will look into that - that will of course, be of use to a small radius of people, but nevertheless....
In the meantime, I'm compiling my list of never want to hear arias and my "home run" arias - I will get back pronto with that!

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  1. Hi - I have a difficult situation...I have been told by my voice teachers that I am a high mezzo-soprano, yet when i've been auditioning around for mezzo roles in small, local opera companies, I have been given feedback regarding my voice as a soprano. (I'm 27.) My teachers are professionals and scoff at this feedback. I feel that I am "in-between"...what types of roles (if any?) should I be auditioning for? It seems I should sing what shows my voice off...and maybe wait for the lower range to keep developing? My low range is fairly solid, but I always get comments on how clear and high the top is. Any advice would be appreciated! I just started reading your blog and love it!