Friday, April 9, 2010

Expansion on earlier question

Yes I do, in Canada. But I moved to Paris a few months ago, and although I've improved technically through lessons and coachings, made a contacts and auditioned for a few directors, I haven't make significant professional steps. I've ruled out the YAP's, and have accepted that I might have to gain my experience through professional gigs, which is fine, but how do I get there? I have tried to contact ensembles and directors and proposed to sing for them, but haven't had many responses. Maybe I should be more persistent. But might there be another way? I should mention that I have a strong interest in contemporary and baroque music, although I don't restrict myself to these styles. I'm not interested in the Germany fest circuit; I really think Paris is exciting, and it's where I want to be right now. Your response will be helpful to many, as I've encountered many "expat" singers in my situation, here in Paris.

Persistence is always good - it will depend on the company, either here or in Europe, what kind of result you get. Your comment about Baroque and contemporary might also yield results, whether you approach a specialist company, a standard company who is incorporating that rep (like ours for instance), or even an agent who specializes in niche artists. In the meantime, trying to sign up for masterclasses or courses that are being led by people who have a significant level of decision making is also a good course to take. For instance, while a masterclass with a teacher or working artist will undoubtedly add to your artistry and technique, a class or course with stage director, conductor or coach who has the ability to hire or make recommendation to those who do can pay more pragmatic dividends.
I hope this at least gives some ideas to work with.

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